People First of Mankato

People First of Mankato-

People First of Mankato Presents, Born This Way Here to Stay!! Currently, People First of Mankato is working on an educational forum that consists of a panel of experts who are ready, willing, and able to answer hard questions about living with special needs.  This group will go to area schools or businesses to teach about people with special needs. Check out the brochure for more information: Born This Way Here to Stay Brochure

For more information about People First of Mankato or to schedule a time for our group to come educate your class or employees contact-
Sanda Noy at 507-380-6087 or Nancy Willis at 507-344-0929

Interested in participating in People First of Mankato? Come to our next meeting or check out our brochure: People First of Mankato brochure

Come to People First the second Wednesday of every month from 4:30-5:45 PM at Midtown Tavern!  Questions?  Contact Sanda at 507-380-6087

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